50 Benefits You Get Out Daily Meditation

I have already talked a lot about why you should definitely meditate on daily basis and integrate this habit into your life. This article covers about 50 good reasons and benefits you will get out of it, IF (and only if) you stick with! So create a habit out of it and allow yourself to benefit from these amazing “tool” to clear your mind and bring focus and balance to your life. Here my 50 reasons why I meditate daily and how it influenced my life in the long run:

  1. Your mind is no longer occupied of repetitive (negative) thoughts.
  2. Similar to other people drinking alcohol to quiet their mind, mediation can achieve the same and even better effect, all while fully conscious and not clouded by poison.
  3. It trains you to love the process and you are no longer craving for an immediate result (in any area of your life).
  4. Meditation teaches you to let go of attachment.
  5. You will become more present to the current moment and therefore enjoy life more.
  6. Your life will get a deeper meaning, almost as if a new dimension opens up for you.
  7. You will value your experiences more than before. It lets you appreciate the little things more.
  8. You will no longer feel the need to judge other people because of their actions.
  9. Other people cannot hurt you anymore with their words and actions.
  10. You will never get angry at other people anymore, because you realize the ego in their actions and no longer take something personally.
  11. You will sleep better, because a relaxed mind also rests better.
  12. You will get a healthier lifestyle, because you clear your mind and you also want to keep your body clean.
  13. You will get emotionally more stable, because nothing can bug you anymore.
  14. It deepens your intuition because it blocks out all the background noise in your head and allows you to listen to your inner voice.
  15. It will connect you with your purpose in your life. So if you have trouble finding yourself, meditation will help you achieving this.
  16. If you find yourself rushing from one event to the other and you seem like you cannot have enough time in your life, meditation will help you to clear out your time schedule. It will prioritize your life according to your REAL requirements and desires.
  17. You will never feel lonely ever again, because by connecting with yourself you learn to feel the connection to other human beings as well.
  18. You will feel more loved and also will be able to love others deeper.
  19. You will become more honest, to yourself and of course to others, because you have no longer a need to hide.
  20. Your thoughts, words and actions will align to ultimately you becoming the most authentic person you could imagine.
  21. You learn to say NO to other people, and it will be easy for you.
  22. You will learn to take time off of your work, guilt-free.
  23. You will value the little beautiful things over all.
  24. Big success will no longer be your number one priority in life and you learn to value the important things in life most.
  25. It trains you to become the best person you could imagine becoming.
  26. You will become a happier person.
  27. You will see your individuality and realize why you are special.
  28. You will no longer feel a need to complain about anything in life. You learn to accept life as it is and also learn to change it according to your desires.
  29. You will learn to live life in a long-term perspective.
  30. You will no longer feel a pressure in social situation. You will no longer have a need to be shy.
  31. You are no longer focused on your little, petty problems.
  32. You will handle obstacles on your path easier. You will feel like nothing can stop you.
  33. You will become a calmer person and people will feel drawn towards you.
  34. It will remove your stress level, because you learn to focus on the important stuff first.
  35. You will no longer do stuff just to impress others or to look good in the eyes of others.
  36. You will never feel disrespected or treated unfairly ever again.
  37. It will remove any kind of depression.
  38. It loosens the grasps of the ego and frees your true self.
  39. It makes you realize the ego in others and therefore not judge them for behaviour caused by ego-based motives.
  40. You will learn to apologize honestly.
  41. You learn to take 100% responsibility for your life and everything you experience, because you realize that you can shape your life in any direction you want.
  42. You will feel recharged and have more energy during the day. You no longer feel unusually tired.
  43. Sticking to new habits becomes easier because you see the bigger picture.
  44. It will help you to remove bad habits from your life because as you clear your mind you also learn how to clear out everything else that is not helping you.
  45. You will generate a clear vision for your life and because you see it so clearly it will become easy to follow your path and make it come true.
  46. It teaches you acceptance for things you cannot change.
  47. You will learn to let go of things that do you no good.
  48. You live a more fulfilled life because you decide to make it one.
  49. You are no longer intimidated by big challenges or obstacles. You will just do it and succeed.
  50. And most importantly, you will learn to truly love and accept yourself.


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