12 Tips On Staying Inspired

Lately I stumbled upon this little picture here. It summarizes a great list of steps to take to get more inspired, more recharged and feel more drive in your daily work. Check it out!


Stay Inspired By Inspiring Others: Make It A Habit To Contribute

There is only one thing I would add to this list and that is contribution. There is nothing more fulfilling than feeling a immense feeling of making a difference in the world. It gives you an additional drive to do the things you set out to achieve. Whenever you can, give something back to your community, your friends, your family, so that they can learn from your knowledge and wisdom as well. Do not hold back anything and don’t be greedy about it. If you have – for example – found the “magic formula for success”, share it with everybody you can find. Teach everybody how they can also be successful with that method. There is no sense in using it only for yourself, since it will only make you paranoid and greedy. True happiness comes from improving others lives, making other people’s lives better. Your life will become better by making some other person’s life better! If you are not helping somebody else, you are literally wasting your time here.

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